New Video - Taleena the Hypnotized Robot

This story is a follow-up to "Taleena & Cat: Under Hypnosis". Acting under post-hypnotic commands given to her by the hypnotist, Taleena shows up (already in a trance) to meet him in a sexy hooker outfit. This time she's been programmed to behave as a robot. Everything she says and does must be done in a robotic manner. She's made to fill the hypnotist's foot fetish desires and worship him as his robot slave. At the end she's commanded to show her tits to him. When she starts to resist, the hypnotist strengthens his control on her and ultimately she must obey him and become his robot sex slave.

Find more pictures, info, and a video clip here!


HypnoLover said...

This video kicked ass!!! MOre of Talena! Her robot voice is HOT!

Hypnosisisamazing said...

I agree! Talena is so damn hot. I wish u would show her breasts in the preview because i don't have a credit card.

H1pnoh said...

Yeah, I would like to see her in a new video. Shes one of my favorites.