We released a new video tonight called "Hypnotized Landlord". Check it out at GirlsGoneHypnotized.com!

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New Video Available - "Subliminal Sex Slave" Starring Jordan!

Here's a couple of pics. Click here for a video preview along with more pics and a description.

New Video - "Kelly Hypnotized"

Kelly HypnotizedMesmerized GirlKelly is a snotty, stuck-up bitch I encountered while walking through the park. She wouldn't give me the time of day - that is until I practiced a little hypnosis on her. Soon she was obeying my every command, eager to please her new master. Visit GirlsGoneHypnotized.com for a teaser and more info!

New Promotional Video Featuring Jess

More at GirlsGoneHypnotized.com!

New Video - "Jess Hypnotized"

A new video has been posted over at Girls Gone Hypnotized. Hit the link to see a preview, along with pictures and a description.

Hypnotizing Jordan Released!

We've just released our latest video, "Hypnotizing Jordan", over at GirlsGoneHypnotized.com. There is a special edition available there too that includes an extra video, an alternate induction scene, and 55 pictures. Follow the link above for more information.

New Video - 'Helpless & Hypnotized'

Blond girl hypnotised topless boobs
Blond Hypnotized Girl
22 year old Jordan's car just broke down and she asks to use a phone to call for help. The person she asks just happens to be a hypnotist looking to abuse his skills. After a little resistance, Jordan is quickly entranced by a swinging watch and turned into a mindless slave.

For a full description and a preview, click here!

Self Hypnosis Pictures

Found on Devian Art...

Unreleased Videos Made Available For a Very Limited Time

Some previously released videos are being made available right now for a very limited time. For more details, click the picture above or go to GirlsGoneHypnotized.com.

New Video - Taleena the Hypnotized Robot

This story is a follow-up to "Taleena & Cat: Under Hypnosis". Acting under post-hypnotic commands given to her by the hypnotist, Taleena shows up (already in a trance) to meet him in a sexy hooker outfit. This time she's been programmed to behave as a robot. Everything she says and does must be done in a robotic manner. She's made to fill the hypnotist's foot fetish desires and worship him as his robot slave. At the end she's commanded to show her tits to him. When she starts to resist, the hypnotist strengthens his control on her and ultimately she must obey him and become his robot sex slave.

Find more pictures, info, and a video clip here!

Pictures From Latest Video: "Megan Controlled"

Sexy Girl Being Hypnotised
Woman Hypnotized Sleepwalking
Hypnotized Woman Sleepwalker
Girl Mesmerized

Girl In A Trance
Here's a few pictures from the latest video.

New Video - "Megan Controlled"

Just posted a new video over at Girls Gone Hypnotized. We used some of your ideas, so I hope you guys like it!

Two New Vids: "Cat Hypnotized" and "Taleena & Cat"

We've got two new videos up at GGH, "Cat Hypnotized" and "Taleena & Cat: Under Hypnosis". Follow this link to check out some more pics and previews from each of them. There's also now a package to get them both along with two other videos for one low price!

Videos 1 - 11 Back Up Online

We had some technical difficulties over at GGH, but we finally have the Videos 1 -11 back online at an incredible discount. It's our most popular package so we're glad to have it back up!

Hypnotized and Frozen Segment From 'Veronica Hypnotized'

Here's a small clip from "Veronica Hypnotized", the newest video release on GirlsGoneHypnotized.com. She has been hypnotized and frozen in place.

Hypnotized and Sleepwalking Photos Found From Around the Web

Hypnotized Girl Zombie
Hypnotized Girl Kneeling
Hypnotized Sleepwalker
Girl Hypnotized Sleepwalking Pose
Girl Hypnotized Sleepwalking Pose
Girl Hypnotized Sleepwalking Pose
Girl Hypnotized Sleepwalking Pose
Girl Hypnotized Sleepwalking Pose

Girl Hypnotized Sleepwalking Pose
These don't really need explanations, do they? They are what they are!
Girl Getting Hypnotized
Hypnotized Girl
Hypnotized GirlNew video, "Veronica Hypnotized", went up to day at GirlsGoneHypnotized. Check it out!

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Two Pictures From 'Tara Hypnotized'

Girl Hypnotized Arms Out
Girl Hypnotized Kangaroo
Here she is hypnotized to be a kangaroo.

New Video - Tara Hypnotized

We've just posted a new video on our site, GirlsGoneHypnotized.com. We worked with a new girl named Tara, who has great legs! She did a great job and we look forward to using her in the near future. Click the picture to check it out.

GGH Updated 6/28/09

We've put up one new video with Rene and also made available videos 8-11 at a discount with some bonus pics. Check it out here.

New Video - Rene Reprogrammed

To check out the trailer and some other pictures, follow the link to Girls Gone Hypnotized. Here are some new pics!

Newest Video Release on GGH 5/29/09

My favorite hypno-subject, Rene, is back for another video, this time sporting a sexy new look. Check out some more pics and a description here.

New Hypnotized Girl Pics 05/26/09

Girls Mind ControlledGirls Mind Controlled
Girls Mind Controlled These have been floating around for a while, but I came across them again today and thought I'd share.

Memorial Day Sale On All Videos at Girls Gone Hypnotized!

From now until the end of the weekend, everything over at GirlsGoneHypnotized.com is discounted 20%. So if you've been on the fence about something, now may be the time to snag it!

Nikki Video Promotion Now Over

Thanks to everyone who downloaded "Nikki Hypnotized" during the promotional period. After a week, I gave away an absurd amount of downloads, but I need to take it offline now to make room for future videos. Disk space is limited!

If you would like more free videos, check out this other promotion I'm currently running!

New Video: Danielle Hypnotized

Just uploaded a new one for you guys. In this one, she is the hypnotist and accidentally hypnotizes herself. Then of course, she's taken advantage of. Nice topless scenes in this one, and as always, plenty of "yes, master" talk.

Check it out here!

Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized

Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Found on the other side of the globe. She's smokin' hot! I'd love to hypnotized this chick.