Newest Video Release on GGH 5/29/09

My favorite hypno-subject, Rene, is back for another video, this time sporting a sexy new look. Check out some more pics and a description here.

New Hypnotized Girl Pics 05/26/09

Girls Mind ControlledGirls Mind Controlled
Girls Mind Controlled These have been floating around for a while, but I came across them again today and thought I'd share.

Memorial Day Sale On All Videos at Girls Gone Hypnotized!

From now until the end of the weekend, everything over at is discounted 20%. So if you've been on the fence about something, now may be the time to snag it!

Nikki Video Promotion Now Over

Thanks to everyone who downloaded "Nikki Hypnotized" during the promotional period. After a week, I gave away an absurd amount of downloads, but I need to take it offline now to make room for future videos. Disk space is limited!

If you would like more free videos, check out this other promotion I'm currently running!

New Video: Danielle Hypnotized

Just uploaded a new one for you guys. In this one, she is the hypnotist and accidentally hypnotizes herself. Then of course, she's taken advantage of. Nice topless scenes in this one, and as always, plenty of "yes, master" talk.

Check it out here!

Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized

Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Hot Asian Girl Hypnotized
Found on the other side of the globe. She's smokin' hot! I'd love to hypnotized this chick.

"Nikki Hypnotized" Back Online and Free!

If you haven't had a chance to check out "Nikki Hypnotized" earlier, here's your chance. Right now, I'm giving it away free because I'm so awesome. It includes both of the shorts along with the main video all in one download! You do need a credit card to be charged for just .01 cents, so you can prove that you're over 18.

If you like it, I hope you'll check out some of my other videos. I'm quite fond of Rene and I'm thinking about bringing her back for a third one really soon!