Price Reduction at Girls Gone Hypnotized!

We are pleased to inform you that videos 1 - 7 have all been reduced in price, as part of a "great hits" type of deal. All of the following videos are now only $4.99: Amy Hypnotized, Nikki, Rene, Rene 2, and Danielle 2. Danielle has been reduced to only $6.99! The 7 videos can also be purchased in a package together at a 15% discount for only $30.99! If you missed any of these videos earlier, now is the time to check them out! Head to GirlsGoneHypnotized for more information.

New Video - Brittany Hypnotized

19 year old hypnotized girlA new video has been posted over at Girls Gone Hypnotized. This one features beautiful 19 year old Brittany, who gets hypnotized while relaxing at the park. Visit the site for more info, pics, and a video clip!