Aimee Controlled

Aimee Controlled teaser.

Hypnotized Girls

Two images I found while surfing the web. In the first, the girl is hypnotized and placed stiff between two chairs. The second is a girl being hypnotized by a candle.

Hypno Sleepwalkers

Mindless, sleepwalking beauties.

Teaser for New Video on GGH - Jetta the Sleepwalking Slave

Here's a quick look at the latest video released on GirlsGoneHypnotized, "Jetta the Sleepwalking Slave". Hit the link for more pics, another teaser, and a description.

Josette Hypnotized is Now Available For Download!

Girl being hypnotized with swinging watch
hypnotized girl in sleepwalker pose"Josette Hypnotized" is now available for download at Check out the link for more details, pictures, and a teaser video!

Price Reduction at Girls Gone Hypnotized!

We are pleased to inform you that videos 1 - 7 have all been reduced in price, as part of a "great hits" type of deal. All of the following videos are now only $4.99: Amy Hypnotized, Nikki, Rene, Rene 2, and Danielle 2. Danielle has been reduced to only $6.99! The 7 videos can also be purchased in a package together at a 15% discount for only $30.99! If you missed any of these videos earlier, now is the time to check them out! Head to GirlsGoneHypnotized for more information.

New Video - Brittany Hypnotized

19 year old hypnotized girlA new video has been posted over at Girls Gone Hypnotized. This one features beautiful 19 year old Brittany, who gets hypnotized while relaxing at the park. Visit the site for more info, pics, and a video clip!

New Videos Released at GirlsGoneHypnotized This Weekend (4/10 - 4/11)

Girl Hypnotized
Girl Hypnotized
Here are a couple of teaser pics from two videos released this weekend at GirlsGoneHypnotized. The two stories come packaged together and are titled, "Hypnosis Fun With Nicole" & "Hypno Shorts" starring fan-favorite, Jordan. Both can be previewed by following the link above.

New Pics From Around the Net!

girls getting hypnotized
girls getting hypnotized
girls getting hypnotized
girls getting hypnotized
girls getting hypnotized
Random pics of girls being hypnotized from around the web.

Nerd Girl Will Obey & Rene the Obedient Slave On Sale This Weekend Only!

Hypnotized Rene"Nerd Girl Will Obey & Rene the Obedient Slave" are on sale at GGH this weekend at a reduced price. Hit the link to find out more!

Hypnotized Stepmom Now Available

Woman in a hypnotic tranceOur newest release has now been made available. Go to for more details on 'Hypnotized Stepmom'.

Blind Date Hypnotism 2 Just Released!

Blind Date Hypnotism 2 was just released over at GGH and features newcomer Kylie. Check it out at for more info!

New Video - "She's Still Hypnotized"

HypnotisedThis is a follow-up video to "Jess Hypnotized". Check out GGH for more information and a teaser!